Operations Strategy

Vartheta develops a risk model to help specialty finance providers improve ROI A specialty finance company seeks to streamline its operations by offering automated underwriting.

The Problem

A specialty finance provider needed to improve the return on investment by reducing its operating costs, ideally on payroll, which was the most expensive line item. It was hoping to implement a technology that would streamline the operation and reduce payroll costs.

The Approach

Vartheta analyzed each area of the operations process and determined how a custom solution would help them to reduce the amount of overtime and reduce the amount of human error. Vartheta proposed to create a custom automated underwriting system and to create the specifications for their

The Solution

he solution resulted in a joint development effort between the company’s internal development team and that of Vartheta. The result was a potential increase in efficiency by $142,520 after accounting for payroll and taxes savings. It also reduced human error from that aspect of the underwriting process completely.

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