Market-Entry Strategy

Vartheta helps a marketplace lender expand into a new sector A marketplace lender analyzes potential niches for expansion to achieve a greater return on investment.

The Problem

A niche marketplace lender for credit consolidation was seeking to enter a new market that was previously untapped in the marketplace lending space and diversify by introducing a new asset class. They requested support in order to identify an untapped market and determine its profitability.

The Approach

Vartheta analyzed a total of 15 asset classes across consumer and business markets from equipment financing to real estate, automotive, and merchant cash advances. It performed analysis into the competition, opportunities, and threats of each market in order to determine the most profitable one.

The Solution

The solution taken by Vartheta resulting in the marketplace lender targeting the automotive segment and resulted in a new potential industry valued at over $19.0 B. An analytics model to determine the return-on-investment was created in order to more effectively demonstrate the profitability and risk for the industry as well as proposed website modifications to generate sales.

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