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Financial Services

From cutting-edge financial technology startups to specialty finance companies and professional services providers, Vartheta has helped a wide range of companies in the financial services industry, below, is a brief sample of featured websites on the industry.

An innovative multi-channel point of sale system needed a professional website to communicate the use of its platform through multiple sales channels, its purported competitive advantage. The website was developed to communicate a seamless customer experience across all sales channels that was particularly advantageous for companies with an omni-channel retail strategy that made it easier for customers to buy and companies to process payments on a single platform.
An online wealth management platform was having difficulty converting users on the website to test the software out. Research suggested that the primary problem was the website was not properly educating customers when they initially interacted with the website and appeared too sophisticated for the casual investor. Animation was used to make the site friendlier across all generations to appeal more to those that would otherwise prefer a traditional financial advisor. The result was greater conversations from an older demographic, which had a higher net worth and used the platform for a longer period.
A marketplace lender which specialized in business loans needed a new modern website design to engage companies in need of funding, prospective investors, and encourage brokers to provide deals to the company. Several mockups of the website were created to effectively convert prospective leads into engaged customers and provide clear customer support for those in need of immediate assistance. The emphases were placed on companies in need of business loans based on the unique interests of the company at the time.
A provider of business loans needed a website which more effectively engaged users with the website and encouraged them to input their information for business development purposes. Multiple levels were created to account for ‘abandonment rates’ with a full conversion resulting on an online funding application and a partial completion resulting in information for an outbound sales team. The result was more leads being generated from website traffic with the multi-tier sales funnel with a constant level of completed applications.
A mobile payment processor with a sophisticated product needed a way to rapidly educate potential business customers about the advantages of the technology with minimal text. The previous website was too text heavy and did not encourage engagement, leaving visitors confused and uninformed about the product. The new website offered a clean format that immediately educated visitors visually through product demos and explanatory videos.
A merchant services provider needed a modern and simple interface to communicate its market positioning of being a comprehensive tool for managing payments and clients for any internet business. The website created is designed to provide the company positioning and provide information around its solution oriented service in a way that is easier to understand than segmenting each aspect of the technology independently. The result was more effective market positioning than alternative payment systems and enabled the company to generate more conversions.
An infamous provider of microloans to business owners in developing countries needed a website to showcase its competitive advantage of social entrepreneurship and demonstrate not only the returns of the loans, but the impact that they had on the lives of the customers, along with educating visitors about how the company worked in a minimal text and visual oriented format. A website was developed based on the specifications of the marketing department which increased conversions by over 33%.
A provider of merchant software technology needed a website to showcase its various suites for merchants and provide straightforward messaging about the value to its targeted audience. The company had two main solutions as a payment processor for marketplaces and crowdfunding, along with traditional merchant processing, and needed the site to effectively direct the traffic to each area to properly educate users about the value from each aspect of the site. The result, was an increase in conversions of 15% for the previously underserved crowdfunding side which was not previously showcased and was resulting in uninformed consumers.
A solution for customers to pay online over time and after delivery without login was having difficulty accurately describing its solution to potential customers based on the content marketing andi public relations campaigns once customers landed on the website. A new site created which accurately and simply described the benefits to educated customers before requesting them to get engaged with the software application.
An international money transfer service was suffering from a high bounceback rate and poor user engagement metrics due to a home page design that did not get users engaged. The problem was an absence of adequate market validation and no enticing calls to action that immediately engaged users with the site. The result was a site that immediately established trust, educated users, and prompted them to begin the money transfer sequence which either immediately gained a lead or resulted in a conversion, counted a money being transferred through the system.
case studies
Vartheta decreases customer acuisition cost for a bank using a social media strategy

A bank utilizes social media to acquire most customers.

Creating a telemedicine platform for the West African market.

A modern system designed to increase the quality and access to care with the Nigerian government.

Vartheta designs a strategy for a growing Bitcoin ATM distributor to expand globally.

A Bitcoin ATM company implements a creative digital marketing strategy.

Vartheta increases the ranking of a retailer by 345%

Retailer increases site ranking by improving user-experience.

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