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Vartheta creates stunning technology based upon meticulous reach and analysis.

Retail Industry

Working with some of the leading retail brands and consumer products, Vartheta has the ability to strengthen brand equity by building targeted websites that not only will increase brand engagement, but result in bottom-line conversion and increased return-on-investment for retail companies.

Adobe was in need of front-end development for its creative cloud department in order to expedite the completion of its revised designs. Vartheta assisted them to develop the designs, along with performing quality control and bug fixes to ensure it was completed to their standards and could withstand high traffic volume.
A leading fash deal website was seeking a way to further customize its user experience by recommending deals which were more appealing to its existing customer base. The pre-existing process required the user to select categories of interest, which often changed over time or did not reflect the user's actual purchasing behavior. The result was a modification based on website tracking and cookies which modified the interaction to be activity based rather than personal expression.
A textbook subscription website was in need of a design and development that enabled customers to either sell their textbooks to Chegg or rent them from the company, essentially serving as a marketplace for textbook rentals and exchange. Multiple designs of the website were created in order to properly optimize each conversion funnel.
The Chicago Cubs needed a website that effectively integrated Ecommerce into its existing ecosystem to sell more merchandise. Their existing site was also analyzed in order to determine key areas where potential obstructions to the sales funnel existed in order to re-design and develop that area of the site.
A leading provider of speaker systems needed a new website compatible with mobile and desktop devices to increase direct-to-consumer sales and adoption of new model version releases. Vartheta worked with the company to analyze its historical website interaction, along with elements of retailers selling its products to maintain a balance between direct-to-consumer sales, brand development, and new product awareness. The result was an increase from their direct-to-consumer sales unit by over 30% over a period of eighteen months.
case studies
Vartheta decreases customer acuisition cost for a bank using a social media strategy

A bank utilizes social media to acquire most customers.

Creating a telemedicine platform for the West African market.

A modern system designed to increase the quality and access to care with the Nigerian government.

Vartheta designs a strategy for a growing Bitcoin ATM distributor to expand globally.

A Bitcoin ATM company implements a creative digital marketing strategy.

Vartheta increases the ranking of a retailer by 345%

Retailer increases site ranking by improving user-experience.

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