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Vartheta creates stunning technology based upon meticulous reach and analysis.

Ecommerce Industry

With marketplace aggregators and established brands, Ecommerce is intensely competitive. Vartheta has helped some of the leading brands and Ecommerce stores to cut through the competition and gain market share through brillian engineering and strategic marketing.

A leading retailer of outdoor gear was seeking several new product pages to be designed in order to determine which ones would increase the conversion rate. Several mockup styles were created and developed, then performing split-testing to determine which pages received the best reaction from shoppers and resulted in a conversion. The winner was then integrated into the final website, improving the sales of products by 5%, which was a significant amount for a retailer already doing over $20 M in sales annually.
An provider of varied envolopes was in need of a site to showcase the depth of quality and elegance of its portfolio directly on the home page in order to communicate the market positioning of its company and key benefits of being enviromentally friendly and higher quality than any other provider. An elegant slide show was prepared directly on the home page by coordinating with the company's digital content team which resulted in higher conversions and greater customer loyalty.
A home furnishings website was seeking to significantly increase the inventory in its portfolio and accesible on the website by moving the website onto a more managable CMS using Magento and uploading several plugins to increase site speed and enhance user experience including a CDN and product uploading feature. They also sought training of their internal team to use the new CMS and also to upload their products to shopping networks such as Google Places/Amazon and affiliate websites, with the introduction of shopping discount codes.
A content platform for the digital media space was seeking to improve the overall navigability of its website and more effectively integrate with third-party websites. The result was the implementation of a geo-search tool to enable users to searchby location through name or zip code to find their nearest provider and then link to that provider's website on the most appropriate page to create a seamless user experience.
A simple site for an Ecommerce platform offering smaller startup stores to have an online presence was in need of a method to improve their registration rate. Several versions of the site were designed based on interviews with existing customers and analysis of the sales funnel to determine the one that was the most effective, then they were developed and tested to determine which had the highest conversion rate.
An online wedding registry was in need of a new site which generated higher conversions for its online store. The company sought to improve the efficiency of its online registry tool by enabling more filtering options and improving human-machine interaction by guiding users of the system to create their own wedding registry. The result was a website with increased overall performance and efficiency which generated more orders through the online registry creator and resulted in a lower shopping cart abandonment rate.
case studies
Vartheta decreases customer acuisition cost for a bank using a social media strategy

A bank utilizes social media to acquire most customers.

Creating a telemedicine platform for the West African market.

A modern system designed to increase the quality and access to care with the Nigerian government.

Vartheta designs a strategy for a growing Bitcoin ATM distributor to expand globally.

A Bitcoin ATM company implements a creative digital marketing strategy.

Vartheta increases the ranking of a retailer by 345%

Retailer increases site ranking by improving user-experience.

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