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Real Estate Industry

Vartheta has significant experience within the real estate industry from commercial development to sales/agencies, and software platforms.

A London based real estate agency was in need of a website which catered to both buyers and sellers of properties in the Greater London area. It wanted to more effectively integrate technology into their process so users could search and filter for properties in the portfolio and add new properties for sale through the agency.
A real estate development company was in need of a series of very professional website designs to reflect the culture, showcase images, and elite ammenities offered at its luxury apartment buildings in three key cities with a central website to offer search functionality by geography and the option to include additional properties as new development was initiatied.
A technology company was seeking to improve user engagement by making search filters simpler for end users to ensure that queries were more accurate when communicating with the database. More categories were entered into the database along with slider features for search filters to enable more search categories without sacrificing users experience and building a more complex system. The result was increased user navigability without increasing site complexity.
A real estate development group sought to showcase its historical profile and demonstrate its area of specialization relative to other companies. Custom images were created in order to communicate the company's process and how its various services were synergistic and provided better quality than other developers. The leadership team was also communicated with high quality photos, work history, and bios in an industry very dependent upon professional expertise.
A real estate content and information services provider wanted to simplify the site design and make it more image centric rather than text focused. Based on historical metrics, users preferred visual focused navigability over a home page with significant text and content. The site was modified based upon a visual focused design with several mockups designed, developed, and tested to determine the one with the highest user engagement using A/B (split) testing.
A diversified service provider in the real estate industry for financing, development, and management was in need of a professional website which communicated the synergies of its services, historical performance, and scope of its team. The previous website had a poor design and did not accurately reflect the high performance culture and experience of the company so a new one was designed and developed in order to more appropriate represent the brand to prospective partners, employees, and enterprise customers.
case studies
Vartheta decreases customer acuisition cost for a bank using a social media strategy

A bank utilizes social media to acquire most customers.

Creating a telemedicine platform for the West African market.

A modern system designed to increase the quality and access to care with the Nigerian government.

Vartheta designs a strategy for a growing Bitcoin ATM distributor to expand globally.

A Bitcoin ATM company implements a creative digital marketing strategy.

Vartheta increases the ranking of a retailer by 345%

Retailer increases site ranking by improving user-experience.

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