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Travel Industry

Vartheta has experience working with nations and municipalities, along with tourism and hospitality compaines individually to entice visitation and bookings through compelling site design and development.

A botique travel agency that specialized in international tours was seeking a website which communicated the uniqueness of its tours and provided information to future vacationers. The company wanted to capture the spirit and feel of the tours they offered through high resolution photos and well structured content, while being able to easily modify and update the website with non-technical staff. The result was a segmented site for each tour which provided details that were easily updated using a CMS system along with training for content managers.
A travel agency which specialized in unorthodox traveling wanted to communicate its unique competitive edge of providing travel adventures outside from very traditional travel experiences, along with search functionality to encourage visitors to interact with the potential tours and trips that may be of interest to them. The company also wanted to showcase many travel photos outside of mainstream resorts to communicate building unique and lasting memories for its customers.
The country of Iceland was seeking to increase the amount of tourism by communicating the most compelling qualities of the country and activities to engage in, along with encouraging visitors to interact with the website and reserve their tickets as a conversion. The result was a website design which provided information about key activities in the region, along with featuring many high resolution photos of the landscape and travelers having an enjoyable experience.
The city of Austin was suffering from poor user engagement with its website due to user interface problems and issues and many plugins running on Wordpress which slowed the site speed and increased load times. They wanted to increase bottom-line vistitors and travel reservations, which was accomplished by speeding up the site by taking it partially off the Wordpress and using custom development, combined with improving the overall design layout from PSD to custom HTML.
An international cruise company had poor performing conversions due to the high ticket price and sophisticated ordering and wanted to increase the conversion of its sales funnel. The bottleneck of the sales pipeline was discovered and modified using split-testing of thirteen different landing pages, with the test variable determined to be a paying and reserved customer that did not result in a refund or failed transaction. The result was an increase in overall website conversions of 14%, 3% of which was new business entirely.
A hotel was in need of a website which accurately communicated the culture it nurtured and atmosphere to attract a specific target demographic and enable seamless online bookings integrated with its in-house management software. The brand identity was dilligently studied and many content files were reviewed in order to acquire all the information required to prepare a site which clearly communicating a compelling location with outstanding service and seamlessly guided users to reserve their rooms during their online visit.
case studies
Vartheta decreases customer acuisition cost for a bank using a social media strategy

A bank utilizes social media to acquire most customers.

Creating a telemedicine platform for the West African market.

A modern system designed to increase the quality and access to care with the Nigerian government.

Vartheta designs a strategy for a growing Bitcoin ATM distributor to expand globally.

A Bitcoin ATM company implements a creative digital marketing strategy.

Vartheta increases the ranking of a retailer by 345%

Retailer increases site ranking by improving user-experience.

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